Coaching Staff

What Constitutes A Good Coach?

  • Ability To Recruit
  • Ability To Coach
  • Good Personality

Ability To Recruit

  • Knowledge of recruiting region
  • Good work ethic
  • Good organizational skills
  • Ability to find “diamonds in the rough”
  • Ability to communicate with recruits, parents, and high school coaches
  • Ability to recognize and evaluate talent
  • Vision: “Look into Tomorrow”

Ability To Coach

  • Technical knowledge of position
  • Communicate with players
  • Motivate players
  • Poise, “ability to handle pressure”
  • Belief in discipline
  • Bright and imaginative
  • Up-to-date with state of the art coaching trends and techniques

Good Personality

  • Compassion for game and profession
  • Compassion for athletes
  • Honest with staff and players
  • Obligation to be fair and loyal
  • Family values and positive role model
  • Ability to communicate well with boosters, alumni, press

Qualities Expected From Coaching Staff

  • Loyalty: United we stand, divided we fall
  • Consistency: Preach and teach what you do
  • Confidence: Believe in self, staff, philosophy, and players
  • Pride: Show pride in everything you do
  • Effort: Give tremendous effort, have a great work ethic
  • Humility: Check your ego in at the door
  • Poise: Work well under pressure
  • Openness: Be Open to new Ideas

What The Coaches Expect From The Players

  • To be disciplined
  • To be tough
  • To be competitive
  • To have a burning desire to become a great college football player
  • To be a team player
  • To never surrender

What The Players Can Expect From The Coaches

  • To be loyal (we will build and practice loyalty to this School, the administration, the faculty, the coaches, and our teammates)
  • To teach you how to become the best football player possible
  • To coach with enthusiasm
  • To never ridicule or question your courage
  • To listen to you
  • To be demanding of you
  • To make team decisions
  • To be fair (no special treatment)
  • To assist you after graduation
  • To make college football exciting and the best experience of your lifetime