Style of Play

“I’ve always based my philosophy on having an offense and defense that can compete, even when you don’t have the talent to match up with your opposition. The better the players you have, the more diverse you can become. We talk about multiplicity, but also about simplicity. We want our kids to understand what they’re doing, where they’re going and everything that’s going on, but not in so complicated a system that they are not able to make plays. I believe in getting a lot of people on the field, giving them an opportunity to play if they deserve to do that, and giving the team a chance to win.”

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Offensive Philosophy

  • “Fast Break” Offense
  • No Huddle- Quick Cadence
  • Get the ball in the best players hands as much as possible
  • Spread the Defense with 4-5 wide receivers
  • Use Multiple Personnel Groupings
  • Take what the defense gives you
  • Running Game: Option, Draws, Counters, Stretch, Zone
  • Passing Game: Quick Game, Screens, Sprint Outs, Play Action, Bootleg
  • Dictate to Defense

Defensive Philosophy

Click here to read the article I wrote that the AFCA published on defense

  • Pressure Front
  • 4-2-5
  • Multiple Fronts, Stunts and Blitz Packages
  • Basic Zone Defense in Secondary
  • Stop the Run First
  • Do not allow Big Plays
  • Hustle to the ball

Force Turnovers

Pursue and Tackle everyday in practice

Special Teams Philosophy

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Click here to read the article I wrote that the AFCA published on special teams.

If a team prepares against your specialty (trick) plays it takes away time for them to prepare their specialty (trick) plays.

Use an unusual alignment to cause breakdown in opponents alignment and assignment

Put great time and effort into being a GREAT specialty team

Play best 11 on all special teams

Be aggressive with special teams – use it as a weapon

Click here for my Special Teams Slideshow (click on each slide to advance)

Practice some or all aspects of special teams daily