Team commitment to the graduation of every single student athlete.

  • Class attendance is mandatory. Missing class or Study table will result in appropriate disciplinary action.
  • Attend all study table sessions required by academic support staff and/or coaching staff.
  1. Study table is a benefit to the student athlete not a punishment
  2. Study table will be conducted in an academic setting and be monitored by the coaching staff.

Required Attendance To Study Session:
All Freshmen- 8 hours a week

Upperclassmen with GPA below 2.50- 8 hours a week

Study Session Hours:
Monday: 7:15- 9:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:15- 9:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:15- 9:00 PM
Thursday: 7:15- 9:00 PM

Seven Steps Of Progress Toward Graduation

Step One: Assessment
All incoming student athletes will be tested to evaluate their academic preparation, educational orientation and career interests. Learning specialists should administer a reading test, a writing sample, a career interest inventory and a personal inventory. Further, all incoming student athletes will be required to participate in all university orientation activities that normally include placement tests in mathematics.

  • Step Two: Skill Development
    Student athletes will have access to academic support, including the following:
    Tutorial assistance
    Reading and writing labs
    Computer skill labs
    Math labs
    Foreign language labs
    Career Preparation

Step Three: Counseling
Counseling will be made available for the following areas:
Personal career counseling
Academic advisement
Academic monitoring
Personal health and nutritional counseling

Step Four: Faculty Relations
The following programs increase faculty support:
Mentor program
Guest Coaches
Staff participation across campus

Step Five: Resident Life
It is essential to provide a living environment that is conducive to the academic and personal development of student athletes. Although student housing is usually beyond departmental control, the coaching staff is involved in the locating, room mating and supervising of their student athletes.

Step Six: Academic Recognition
Scholar Athletes with a GPA of 3.0 and above are recognized each semester as an academic scholar athlete. Special certificates for academic achievement are awarded to these student athletes for their outstanding performance.

Step Seven: Community Service and Student Athlete Leadership
Student athletes will be encouraged to participate in team outreach. Team outreach will be a community based outreach program through which student athletes will be able to become involved in addressing the needs of the community and surrounding areas. It will be a vehicle for our young men to grow and become integrated into socially active community leaders.