Adopt A Player

The ADOPT-A-PLAYER program is a program that allows our football program to provide our student athletes with some items that we usually don’t cover in our operating costs (additional t-shirts and shorts, travel carry-on bags, hats, tennis shoes, etc) 

We are writing to ask you to support the football by “adopting” a student athlete with a $50 investment or more. This investment and support will help meet the needs of a player and show your support for the team’s effort. In addition to your financial support, we hope that you will come and watch your and follow the team. 

We’re the kind of team you cheer for. At a great school like here, we know that “student” comes first in “student-athlete.” In fact, we had 10 players named to the Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association All-Academic Team. But we’re not just hard workers in class. On the gridiron last year, our young team flashes of promise by leading the conference on passing with over 319 yards per game, breaking the NCAA division record of most receptions in a season, and defensively having over 87 tackles for losses and 27 take-aways. This year, with a solid core of returning players plus th addition of some talented newcomers, we have our sights set on competing in the NCAA playoffs. Heart, hustle and commitment are our most important keys to victory, but you can have a real impact on our success, too. We are grateful for you contribution and will continue to make you proud! 

Thanks… you’re the best!

How to Adopt:

1. Web

2. Mail $50 checks payable to:


Click here to download the form to fill out and send in to Adopt a Player