Community Service

Our football program will involve itself in various Community Service projects for many reasons: to give back to the local community; to gain publicity and support for our football program and University; to invoke a duty of citizenship in our student-athletes; to assist our student-athletes in networking with local businesses for future employment opportunities.

Our main Community Service project will be concerning elementary age school children, Big Lion -Little Lion. This program will allow our student athletes to interact with school children throughout the school year. Our student-athletes will be positive role models and hopefully leave the children with the desire to be a future collegiate athlete and fans for life.

Other Community Service projects may present themselves and our program will try to take advantage of them, such as campus move in, highway trash pick up, rotary park clean up, etc.

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TKA Lions Youth Summer Camps

Our coaching staff will give the student athletes a few opportunities a year to give back to the program in the form of fundraising. This fundraising will be used solely for the players. This will allow the program to give the players items that are not budgeted and would regularly not receive (travel warm-ups, pullovers, workout shoes, jackets, etc)

What items the fund raising gets for the student-athletes will be directly proportional to the amount of money raised by the student-athletes.

Our major Fundraising events will be a Silent Auction in conjunction with our Nights of Champions and an Alumni Golf Tournament

    This fundraising will allow the student-athletes an opportunity to give back to the program and be more involved with the direction and attitude of the football program.