Public Relations

Today the head coach must do more than coach football. He must be a salesman, an administrator, a spokesman, and a fundraiser. These tasks are equally as important as teaching the game of football for today’s head coach both from a financial standpoint and in the recruitment of student athletes.

A head coach must have an outstanding relationship with the media. What they say or write can affect the perception of the athletic program and the university as a whole. It has been my experience that journalists will be supportive of you if you are supportive of them. They merely want access to do their job. The head coach must be available to answer their questions in a tactful and professional manner. The head coach must also be responsible for educating the players to handle interviews in the same manner. I only ask all interviews be cleared through the Media Relations Office.

A head coach must also promote the program through speaking engagements, alumni functions and booster meetings. It is significant they understand their importance to the university throughout their support and financial contributions.

University relation’s is a very important aspect of the success of today’s athletic program. I make a concentrated effort to know the faculty on campus and would solicit their help on keeping the athletic department advised of the academic progress of any student athlete that might be attending their classes. I suggest meeting with the student government on ways we can increase student involvement and make the games more of a “happening” on campus.

I would also like to solicit the assistance of the local community and business leaders on the promotion and sponsorship of the games. I believe the stadium should be full of excited enthusiastic fans anxious to support their university and their team.