1. Be well organized and work hard to find the best athletes with the best character.

  2. Recruit athletes that have solid academics, who have demonstrated their ability to do academic work on the high school level.

  3. Recruit athletes who are motivated and focused on earning a degree.

  4. Recruit athletes who will commit to the challenge of academic and athletic discipline.

Signs Of Great Character:

    • He is a great person
    • He goes to class, never misses class or practice
    • He is not lazy
    • He always turns in his class work on time
    • He is self motivated

Eight Questions To Ask Concerning A Prospect

  • Can he graduate from college?

  • Is this young man dying to become a great college football player?

  • Is he mentally and physically tough?

  • Is he coachable?

  • Is he a team leader?

  • Is he a team player?

  • Will he compete?

  • What about his character?

Recruiting Goals

  • 50 Great Visits.

  • Sign 25 Best players possible (character, academics, and talent).

  • Sell the program, coaches and University to everyone.

  • All signees are eligible.

  • Develop and maintain positive relationship with current and future student athletes, parents and others.

  • Develop and maintain outstanding relationship with high school coaches.

    1. Great Spring Clinics

    2. Great Summer Camps

    3. Frequent calls

    4. Spring Visits