Why Choose Us?

Why Choose TKA?

According to Head Coach Keith Allen:
Making A Difference

“Our entire coaching staff remains dedicated to taking young men where they can’t take themselves. We want to make an impact that will last for 40 years – not just the four years while they’re attending our school."

“We believe an accountable environment creates a successful environment. We generate this atmosphere without compromising the needs of our players. Every member of our staff knows that success starts with empowering young men. It’s our job to help them become men."

“Our players understand that I’m all business when I step on the field, but when it’s over, they know that my door is always open. I want to help a young man in any way I can – on and off the field.

We want our opponents to respect us for our football abilities and for our witness for Christ. Our objective is for our students to become leaders on the campus in modeling Christ-like behavior and dedication on the field and in the classroom."

All In The Family

“Family is the most important thing to me in the world – that includes my personal family, my coaching staff, and approximately 40 TKA football players. Obviously, my wife and children come first, but my football family is not far behind."

“My coaching staff carries the same family ideals as myself. They care about our players, much deeper than just academically and athletically. They want them to be successful in all areas of their lives."

“When you graduate from our program, people know who you are – you aren’t just another number. The size of the school lends itself to a family atmosphere."

“The word community encompasses everything TKA is about. It’s even used in our mission statement and vision statement. A community is a safe place where people know who you are and care your well being."

Mission: Christ, Character, Championships

“We want to win at TKA, and I firmly believe that we can. That is the main reason that I am at  TKA. I want to prove to the rest of the country that it can be done at TKA through Christ."

“We constantly stress three things that we feel like determine our success on a weekly basis: Effort, intelligence, and accountability. We feel like if we play with these three attributes there is only one outcome possible – victory."


“Our small class size and 13:1 student-to-teacher ratio generates an environment where our players can be successful. I firmly believe the graduation rate for our football players is partially attributed to those amenities.

“Our academic support staff is another contributing factor to our academic excellence, we have many services available to our student athletes."

Building A Program

“I don’t just want good teams. I want to build a program that is successful – year in and year out.

Both on the field and in the classroom, we will continue to push for excellence. I’m proud of where this program has come from, but I’m more excited about where it’s going."

Coaching Staff

“I believe that we have one of the best coaching staffs in the country. Our unique combination of energy and experience has helped us relate well with the young men we recruit. The chemistry we have created – which is exemplified by our hard work, dedication, and caring attitude – has carried over to the entire program."


“To be on our team you must posses the love of playing football. We firmly believe if you love to play the game, you will do anything and everything to be the best football player you can possibly be."